REVIEW: Heidi’s 2016 Beauty Picks!


Season’s greetings everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted, and today I thought: why not share with everyone my favourite beauty items in 2016?

You can call it a year in review (beauty/skincare wise), and if some of you are still looking for that last minute Christmas gift, maybe this post can be of some help.

All these products are relatively inexpensive and work well – in my humble opinion. I will be talking briefly about my thoughts and usage experience with them, hopefully it helps if you are considering to try some of these items.

Find out more! πŸ™‚

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PROJECT FINISH: [REVIEW] June Empties – Sephora, LUSH, L’Oreal, LANEIGE

Project Finish: June's Empties

It has been a while since I Β did a Project Finish post, and I’m happy to share that I finally have some empties to talk about today! I don’t know why but recently I have been slow in finishing my stash and I have been guilty of purchasing more products 😦

So anyway, 5 items here to share from Sephora, Laneige, L’Oreal and LUSH.
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REVIEW: Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Cream

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Skin Cream

Hi everyone! I’ve been so swamped over the past month but I finally found some time to blog today. Today’s review is on the Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Cream. Okay so to be honest when I heard about this, I was thinking:

“Horse Oil? What’s that? Is it horse fat? Does it smell?”

But when I was in Japan, I saw hoardes of mainland chinese tourists emptying shelves. Literally grabbing this product (and other stuff) by the armful. – I’ll sidetrack a bit. I’m Asian, I’m Singaporean Chinese but damn, when in Japan the Japanese gave my partner and I the “omg more mainland chinese” look. It’s only when we speak and then they realise from our accent that we’re not China Chinese, and magically the attitude changes into warm japanese hospitality.

In matsukiyo I had the first hand experience of witnessing two mainlanders arguing in the drugstore. One of them had swiped ALL the ebisu face masks from the outlet and the other was sore that she didn’t manage to score any. It’s embarrassing really. Employees were all stoic-faced, some had the knowing look. The “look at that unbecoming behaviour” look.

Anyway, back to the review. I bought a tub to test run the product and see if the rave runs true. Hit the jump to read more πŸ™‚

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REVIEW: Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Country & Stream Honey Body Cream

Since it’s been depressingly rainy this week, I decided to do a review on something that looks real cheery and reminds me of good times. This is none other than my Country & Stream Honey Body Cream. Check out the happy yellow tube, with a cute teddy in towel to boot!

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