REVIEW: E’siwia Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review by Yeshe Maritime Services Pte Ltd. Other than product information provided by the media press kit, all comments on the experience and first impressions of the product(s) are expressly mine, and not in any way influenced.


Hi people! I’m back from Tokyo (still wishing I’m there now), and was pleasantly surprised to receive a package from the folks from E’siwia. If you read about my experience at Giftopia, you may have noticed that there was a mention of a company which sells snail serum sheet masks.

E’siwia has been so kind to send me a box of their best selling snail serum masks for reviewing purposes.

If you suffer from these skin woes (pigmentation, wrinkles) and are looking to whiten/firm up your skin, you may want to hit the read more button below . Readers of EMC can also stand to win a contest, details are in the post 🙂

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[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to Giftopia x Samplestore!


Hi everyone, how did your weekend go? I spent mine attending the Giftopia event jointly organised by True Colour Media & Samplestore at Raffles City, and there’s so much that I would love to share.

Be warned, this will be an image heavy post, but it will be worth it. 🙂

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REVIEW: Drink your way to youth! – AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review by Samplestore. Other than product information provided by the media press kit, all comments on the experience and first impressions of the product(s) are expressly mine, and not in any way influenced.

AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink

Hello beautiful people, hands up who has never heard of collagen? Nobody? Good. I am pretty sure all of us should have used collagen of some form, be it in skincare, makeup, or wellness products. Today I have an exciting review on the AVALON Stem Cell Beauty Drink, which was kindly sponsored by Samplestore.

I was sent a box containing 10 bottles of the beauty drink, and this review comes after consumption of the whole box. Yes, true and honest, tried and tested.

Read on for more 🙂

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REVIEW: E’scential Essential Oil (Peppermint & Sweet Orange)

E'scential Essential Oil

Happy October! This reminds me of autumn, Halloween, my birthday, cake, and so many things to be happy about. Today I have a continued review for E’scential (if you read my last post on humidifier oils here), and this time, I am going to review the essential oils I received in Sweet Orange and Peppermint.

Read on!

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REVIEW: Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips + Lip Swatches (on Asian skin!) Part 2


Hello and we are at the end of September! Today I finally had some down time after a hectic week of work, and I thought to do swatches from part 2 of my Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lips haul.

To be specific, it’s a bunch of ultra glossy lips and one shade from the metallic range. I’ll try to make this post a short one, so more photos, less typing. Lets go!

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[AFTER THOUGHTS]: Heidi goes to STGCC 2016 – Muckey & Tokidoki Unicornos


Photo credits to TOYSREVIL (Remember kids, stealing pictures is theft too! Always credit the originator, have some ethics)

Alright, lets get started. So over the weekend I attended the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) because:

  1. I haven’t been to one
  2. I wanted the mini fantasmic muckey in the image above (small one on right) – since the big one was an earlier release which I can’t afford now. Toys have this amazing ability to appreciate in value, to which till date I cannot fathom.

Aside from the muckey from Instinct Toys, I also got my hands on a couple of Tokidoki Metallico Unicornos – which I think were launched in SDCC as well. I have shown them on my Instagram, and they are beautiful. Go unicornos!

Read on for my overall experience!

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REVIEW: Althea Unboxing, Haul #2 + Referral code

Althea Unboxing Haul #2

I love receiving parcels, I like to think of it as presents from me, to me. Recently I had a case of itchy fingers and ended up ordering a bunch of stuff off Althea, and today I would like to share the unboxing experience 🙂

If you’re based in SG, Malaysia, Philippines, you are in luck! Althea currently services these countries but fret not, I’m sure they are expanding their reach globally.

So, hey ho on we go with the unboxing!

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